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This wiki details the anime Eden of the East and its two sequel films: The King of Eden and Paradise Lost. Contribute in any way you can! Anyone can edit!
WARNING: This wiki is filled with spoilers. Proceed at your own risk!


Faceshot Akira
Akira Takizawa
Faceshot Saki
Saki Morimi
Faceshot Hirasawa
Kazuomi Hirasawa
Faceshot Osugi
Satoshi Ōsugi
Faceshot Micchon
Mikuru Katsuhara
Faceshot Kasuga
Haruo Kasuga
Faceshot Sis
Faceshot Kondo
Yūsei Kondō
Faceshot Shiratori
Kuroha D. Shiratori
Faceshot Hiura
Hajime Hiura

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Falling Down - Oasis (Higashi no Eden OP)

Falling Down - Oasis (Higashi no Eden OP)

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