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Aya Iwashita (綾岩下 Iwashita Aya?) is Akira's biological mother and the owner of Angelika. The Eden team investigates her while trying to track down Akira's past.

History Edit

Aya Iwashita was born in Japan and lived there for most of her life. Describing herself as a woman who loves money, she hints that she has been around the block a few times; hinting that she has had multiple relationships in the past. At one point, she moved to from Tokyo to New York City where she became the lover of then Diet member Seiji Iinuma despite being pregnant. She lived in an all expense paid apartment funded by Iinuma where she would eventually give birth to Akira Takizawa. However, her party lifestyle still maintained itself as she would often send him to the movies or by himself. Eventually, she and Akira returned to Japan where she raised him for a short time before abandoning him in a store at the age of five.

She runs a pub in Mishuku.

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