Selecao Insignia 09 Seleção No. 9
Akira Takizawa
滝沢 朗
Akira Takizawa
Biographical info

Air King
Akira Iinuma


January 7, 1989
(age: 21)


Saki Morimi (partner, love interest)
Aya Iwashita (mother)

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Eye colour


Hair colour



172 cm

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Eden of the East



Anime info

I Picked Up a Prince

Voiced by

Ryōhei Kimura (Japanese)
Jason Liebrecht (English)

Akira Takizawa (滝沢 朗 Takizawa Akira?) is Seleção No. 9.


In the original Eden of The East series, Akira is shown as a Japanese male with long hair. For the first six episodes of the of the series, he wears a khaki green M-1965 field jacket, white t-shirt, jeans and walking boots. He rips his jacket severely during the tanker truck accident. Later, for the next five episodes, he wears a longer green coat with a hood (due to the onset of winter), and a black jumper. In the first Eden of the East movie, he wears a suit and tie, losing the suit jacket when under attack from Number 6. By the second Eden of the East movie, he's changed to a light grey tracksuit and a black t-shirt, but when confronting Mr. Outside, he's back in his original outfit.



Young Akira

Young Akira

Akira is a Japanese citizen who appears to have grown up in Manhattan before moving back to Tokyo. Growing up in the city, his mother Aya Iwashita would often send him to the movies by himself to be entertained except for the film Dumbo which was the only film she could stand. His love of movies grew from there as he and his mother eventually moved back to Japan for unknown reasons. Akira mentions that his mother disappeared one day while they were out shopping and he doesn't remember what happened to her after that. Growing up by himself, he eventually became a newspaper delivery boy as he rode around on his moped. After meeting with Saizo Ato, who he gave a Newspaper to, he was deemed worthy of becoming a Seleção and was given a Noblesse phone and the title of Seleção Number IX.

While as a Seleção, he learned through the trackers on the other members that Ryo Yuki was planning to launch missiles at Japan. He turned to the internet where he got 20,000 NEETs to help evacuate the area, by making them all pose as emergency workers. It was because of his quick thinking that no one died once the missiles hit, an event that would later go on to be called Careless Monday. However, after the attack, the citizens were suspicious of the workers and the NEETs began to loot the evacuated homes. Knowing something had to be done to help these people, he kidnapped the people he worked with and told them all he was the real terrorist. As the anger built up against him, he ordered that they all be sent to Dubai for a few months for their own protection. In the meanwhile, he set up shop in Washington D.C. where he rented an apartment and stocked it with weapons and fake I.D.s to fit the profile of being a terrorist in order for Japan to be safe.

Meeting SakiEdit


Akira and Saki's First Meeting

Akira lost his memory during a brain washing program. He meets Saki Morimi in Washington D.C., appearing naked and only carrying a gun and a cellphone.

When he helps her out because she threw a coin in the grounds of the White House and is questioned by the police, she gives him her coat, scarf and hat. He has a very modern cell phone with the phrase "noblesse oblige" which means "The Duty of the Elite" printed on it and 8.2 billion yen in digital money credit. When he makes his first call, a female voice claiming to be Juiz answers. She sends him a map that marks an apartment building where he is apparently staying. In his apartment, he finds guns and many different passports which seem to all belong to him. Saki returns after realizing she left her passport in the coat she gave him and the two decide to return to Japan together. According to his passport, he lives in Japan, in Toyosu district of Tokyo, his name is Akira Takizawa.

Takizawa Akira's Room

He's kind-hearted, sympathetic, polite and charming, but unnerves people due to his eccentric nature, which causes people around him to think that he's crazy. Akira also appears to suffer from bouts of mania, highlighted when he rages about Mr. Outside and the game. Occasionally, he hallucinates about different things, such as his phone latching onto his face. He's also extremely intelligent being able to conduct long-term planning and make the trail of the short-lived Washington PD manhunt go cold by burning his and Saki's old passports and replacing them with new ones at the Japanese embassy. out of all the Seleção, he's the most idealistic and the only one who thinks he can actually save Japan. Takizawa has a knack for saving and sacrificing himself for people, forgiving and trying to save the stabbed Seleção number 4 who beat him up severely and metaphorically

Takizawa and the NEETS

crucifying himself by claiming to have instigated the second missile bombardment and sacrificing his memories to protect Eden Of The East and the NEETS from the wrath of the public. He lives in an abandoned, vast but well-maintained shopping mall in Tokyo, which has hundreds of security cameras throughout the building, linked to a wall-sized monitor in the Movie Theatre's VIP room where he sleeps. His main mode of transport is a sporty yellow motorbike.

Returning to JapanEdit

When getting to Japan, he finds out that he had 10 billion yen (approximately 100 million U.S Dollars) originally on the phone, but he spent 1.8 billion on something else. he also finds out that the phone could be used as a credit card, shown as Takizawa buying a pack a gum and using the phone to pay for it. The phone could also be used for requests, as he was personally helped by the owners of the airport to get out of the airport with Saki. He asks Saki to help get Toyosu because of having no memories.

Meeting Different SeleçãoEdit

When arriving at Toyosu, Akira and Saki find out that Akira's "house" is actually a shopping mall that Takizawa bought with the help of Juiz. During this, Saki askes Takizawa to put a specific movie on for her in the mall's movie theatre. While helping to project the movie, the 4th Seleção Kondo severely beats Takizawa & takes his seleção phone. Somehow after being beaten up by Kondo, Takizawa took his detective badge. When Kondo learns of this, he agrees to meet Takizawa. When waiting for Takizawa, Kondo gets stabbed by his wife, who gets mad when he texts her instead of his Mistress that he had "enough money to play with for the rest of his life". When Takizawa finds the severely wounded Kondo, he wanted to get him to the hospital but Kondo stopped him to tell him how dangerous the game is. He also told him there are 12 Seleção in total before he died from the knife wound. After getting his phone back from Kondo, Akira goes back to his mall. He calls Juiz not because of a request, but simply to ask her about his past. Juiz, however, does give him some rules of the game, particularly some about the Supporter, who is one of the 12 Seleção having the task of eliminating those who have no money left in their account or those who are making foolish requests using their phone from the game completely. Akira also finds the phone logs on the Seleção phone, allowing him to see the other Seleção's requests. In the phone logs, Seleção #5 stands out because Akira thinks that he makes a ton of requests on his phone. Akira hopes that he can obtain some information from #5, and even hopes that he may hold some clues about Akira's past. When locating #5, Akira finds out that #5 owns a hospital. Akira goes in and speaks to the attendant in the hospital to see Seleção #5 (Doctor Hiura). After a few minutes of waiting, Akira receives a call from Hiura on his phone, wanting to know if Akira is the Supporter. Akira blatantly refuses about being the Supporter, but Hiura is still suspicious of him. Hiura sends down a nurse that has medicine, to see if Akira is still lying about being the Supporter. Akira just wishes that he sees Hiura, but he takes the medicine anyway. The moment Akira takes the medicine, he suddenly falls down and confirms to himself that there was a small amount of poison in the medicine, and gets knocked out due to the medicine.


Saki giving clothing to Takizawa

Akira wakes up hours later in another room of the hospital when a small robot gives him his Seleção phone back. The phone receives a call that is supposedly from the leader, or founder, of the Seleção game, "Mr. Outside", who gives Akira the run-down of his mysterious game: Mr. Outside gave 12 random citizens of Japan a Seleção phone, charged with 10 billion yen in each of them. Each Seleção must speak to the concierge, Juiz, and make various requests. The object of the game is to make requests in such a way that it will save Japan with just 10 billion yen, and become the true "savior" of the country; however, it is revealed immediately .that it was, in fact, Dr. Hajime Hiura, staging the event in order to demonstrate what happens to Akira. Akira later has a flashback of his previous life as a newspaper boy, on the day that he ran into Mr. Outside who gave him the phone. Mr. Outside still does not answer Akira's questions about him being the supporter. Hiura, who had been in the same room as Akira the whole time, exclaims his apologies to Akira about knocking him out with the medicine after Akira's call with Mr. Outside. Akira finds out that Hiura has no ambition to win the game, as his own ambition is to provide low-cost health care for the elderly. Akira notices that Hiura hardly has any money left on his phone, and offers to give him half of his own balance to stay in the game. Hiura exclaims that Akira is a very kind young man, but he had already made his own requests: to make a hospital for the elderly and to have various surgery equipment with him. Akira then
Akira and hiura

Akira talking with Selecao #4-Doctor Hiura.

asks Hiura about his past, wondering if he had really killed 20,000 people. Hiura exclaims that he can't answer his questions. When Akira decides to leave the hospital, Hiura says that he was honored to meet him before his death in front of the Supporter. Hiura hopes that Akira will be the savior. When the door closes, Takizawa looks glum as he reflects on the fact that he failed to save Dr Hiura. As Akira leaves the hospital, he notices that Hiura's number (#5) has been blacked out from his Seleção phone, confirming that the supporter got him, and he is out of the game. Akira hopes that if he ever meets Mr. Outside face-to-face, he will deck him because of the twisted game he has made up.

Eden of The EastEdit

When Akira returns to his shopping mall after meeting Hiura, he feeds his dog and tests how powerful Juiz is. Because of a request, Juiz had enough power to make Japan's Prime Minister say "uncle" while talking about a conspiracy among the economy. Akira exclaims that the request was just a joke and remembers that Saki had sent him a text message the day he met Hiura. He tries to reply back to Saki, saying that they should meet up. Saki does not reply because she has a job interview, which causes Akira to call Juiz and request where Saki is. With Saki's failure in the interview, she comes off the building to find Akira. Akira remarks that he has a few questions to ask Saki, to which she agrees to. But suddenly, seeing she's upset, Takizawa looks visibly enraged. Akira and Saki go to a spot across the river from the shopping mall and Saki tells him that she did not get accepted into the job and that Ryosuke will be angry at her for not getting in the workplace. Akira tries to make Saki feel better by first kissing her and saying that it was the interviewers' fault that she did not get accepted and that she should not feel bad because they were the people who made a mistake not hiring Saki. After the talk, Akira drops off Saki in front of Micchon's apartment telling her to tell her friends that he would like to fund their company and to bring them back to the shopping mall. The next day, Akira meets 3 other members of Eden of The East: (An image recognition company) Hirasawa, Sis, and Micchon. Hirasawa explains to Akira the basis of the company and how Saki was involved in it. Hirasawa also says that one of the original group members, Osugi, left to pursue a career and how the company is in need of someone like Akira. Hirasawa then tells everyone to leave, believing that getting funding from Takizawa would betray the ideals Eden of the East represents. This visibly annoys Takizawa but instead of getting enraged, he simply tells Hirasawa that despite having amnesia, he would still like to help in any way and has no intentions of taking over the company. This makes Hirasawa agree to the funding proposal and shakes Takizawa's hand. Sis and Michon then run off and Takizawa follows, not before giving Saki a new dress from the mall. Takizawa then makes friends with Michon and they create a massive sparkler display in the shape of a smiling cat which knocks Micchon over.

Rescuing OsugiEdit

While the members of Eden are at Akira's place, Kasuga calls Hirasawa on his cellphone and tells that Osugi has been kidnapped by the famous "Johnny Hunter" (who is famous for cutting men's penises off). Hirasawa exclaims that this is not a likely story. All he knows is that Osugi became drunk on the night that he saw Akira and Saki together, and because of the shock of seeing Saki with Akira, he miserably went home. When Kasuga arrives at the shopping mall, he meets Akira and shows everyone about the posts that Osugi made on a single's forum. It seems that Osugi had made posts such as he had been abducted "by a mysterious woman" and he was "going to die". He made a post that he was "locked up in a hotel" and the mysterious woman's accomplice was named "Juiz". With these clues, Akira deduces that Osugi really did get captured by the Johnny Hunter and that she is one of the Seleção. Akira tells the group members that he might know where Osugi is held captive. Akira then travels on his motorcycle, asking Juiz where a specific piano model was located (the piano model was from a photo that Osugi uploaded onto the forum). Juiz gives him the location: room 1109 of the hotel in Roppongi. He then asks for the name of it's resident and after Juiz finds the real name, Takizawa call Saki and says that he has found the exact location of Osugi, impressing the other members of Eden. He then calls Juiz and attempts to stop number 11's Porsche 911 using the police. However, she simply zips off and feels "honored" that number 9 would try to contact her. On the way to the hotel, Akira gets violently delayed when a Taker truck's wheels begin to come off. Despite, breaking several bones, ripping his jacket and damaging his motorcycle Takizawa somehow manages to survive when sliding under it. After rescuing the driver, the tanker truck catches on fire and Akira looks at his phone logs and deduces that Seleção #11 was the one who caused the tank truck accident. He then knows that the Johnny Hunter is Seleção #11. Akira makes a request to Juiz about buying the whole hotel for one and a half billion yen so that Seleção #11 cannot enter the hotel. Akira soon notices that #11 was able to get into the hotel after all, and proceeds to cut of Osugi's "Johnny". Akira manages to break down the door just in time, although he threw out his shoulder in the process.

Akira with diana

Akira explaining his ambitions about the game to Kuroha.

Seleção #11 says that she is the Johnny Hunter, and her name is Kuroha. Kuroha wonders why Akira would want to save him, and Akira replies by saying that Osugi is a friend of Saki. Kuroha then explains to Akira about her ambitions about being a Seleção: She finds serial rapists and lures them into her hotel room. While there, she cuts off their "Johnnies". After, she calls Juiz to clean up and dispose of the bodies. She explains that the reason she does because she had been raped once herself, which truly inspired her to fulfill this task for herself. Like Kondo and Hiura, she has no plans of ever winning Mr. Outside's game. Akira feels sorry for Kuroha and gives her more advice. Akira says that he plans to win the game. Because he was sorry for Kuroha, Akira offers to give her "true love" from a Johnny. Kuroha then says that if there is a Johnny that will give her true love, then she would love to try it. Kuroha then begins to strip and Akira passes out due to the blood loss from the truck accident. Akira wakes up a day later in his shopping mall, his wounds bandaged, with Saki who tells him that the Johnny Hunter was not pursuing Osugi, but a random rapist. After Saki arrived in the room, the Johnny Hunter had already fled the scene and called Juiz to arrange for the hotel room to be destroyed by a bomb, removing all evidence of their encounter. It turns out that Osugi had his phone turned off while getting drunk at a bar after getting his bag stolen by the rapist.

Meeting Seleção #1Edit

As soon as Akira's wounds are healed, Akira and Saki head towards the college, where the Eden group is located. When there, the group has a few questions for him, particularly about how he found the Johnny Hunter's hotel room so quickly. Akira however, has a question of his own. He asks the group to fix his Seleção phone (secretly #4's broken phone). The group cannot fix it. However, Hirasawa points out a good hacker to fix the phone for Akira. Itazu, or "Panties" (a name given by the group) has been holed up in his apartment for two years, and Akira, with Saki and Micchon go to fix the phone. On the way to Itazu's apartment, Akira learns from Micchon that Itazu lost his only pair of pants when they flew out the window two years ago and as a result, has not left his apartment since. When the three arrive at Itazu's apartment and knock on his door, he is very stubborn and will not show his face to anyone, let alone opening the door. Itazu gives the group some money to go out to the shop and buy the latest photo and literature magazine. Saki and Micchon go to buy the magazine, but Akira stays behind. Akira claims to Itazu that he is a Seleção, and shows him his Seleção phone. Itazu is interested in Akira being a Seleção, and lets him in his apartment. While there, Akira sends out a request for Juiz to make an unlikely sports team to win the next game. The request was for Itazu to make sure of Akira's powers of a Seleção, and boosts the sports teams next percentage of winning to 99.98%. Akira tells Itazu the basic rules of the Seleção, and wants him to fix the extra Seleção phone (#4) that he has. Itazu has been working on a big computer, which can scan phone memory. With #4's phone , Itazu disassembles it and connects it to the computer, for Akira's hope that he will find some old phone logs before he lost his memory. With Itaku's help, they are able to recover the phone logs on the computer. Akira learns that he had sent 20,000 NEETs (people with No Employment,Education, or Training) in shipping containers to Dubai, and supplied them with two weeks' worth of convenience store food. Akira also learned that Seleção #10 was the one responsible for firing the missiles on Careless Monday, which is proof that Akira himself, was not responsible for firing the missiles. Saki and Micchon come back with a pair of pants for Itazu, with the magazines. Itazu lies to Saki and Micchon on Akira's behalf that they were unable to fix the phone. Saki and Micchon prepare to leave, and get out of Itazu's room. Before leaving, Akira tells Itazu to see if he can configure the Seleção phone so that it does not receive any new phone logs. When arriving at the station, Akira receives a phone call from someone who supposedly might have some clues about Akira's past. Saki and Micchon board the train, but Akira does not. He says to them that he has important business to attend, and waves goodbye. When Akira turns around, he meets Seleção #1 (Daiju Mononobe). Mononobe says to Akira that he himself plans to win the game, and says that he might have the reason as to why Akira erased his memories. Akira then receives a phone call from a worried Saki, asking him why he didn't board the train. Akira replies by telling Saki that he might be meeting with the person who has clues about his memory loss, and also tells her to not hang up the phone, because she can also hear everything. Akira and Mononobe board a helicopter bound for the place where Juiz works. Mononobe starts his conversation with Akira by explaining his facts about Mr. Outside, when learning that Akira wants nothing other to punch the creator of the game. Akira learns that Mr. Outside was a powerful man that helped reconstruct Japan, that he was one soccer fanatic, and had enough money to supply 12 citizens of Japan with Seleção phones that each held 10 billion yen. Akira also learns that Mr. Outside is probably dead, giving his age to be 100. Mononobe's ambition towards winning the game is very strong, compared to some of the other Seleção. Mononobe plans to win the game by replacing the role of Mr. Outside, and gaining control of Juiz. When the helicopter docks, Akira finds himself at ATO Science Institute, and follows Mononobe to the main building. When arriving inside the main building, Akira finds one other person. Learning from Mononobe, the person is Ryo Yuki (Seleção #10), and was the one person responsible for the missiles fired on Careless Monday. Mononobe tells Akira that he knows the identities of 10 of the Seleção, including Akira. 2 of the 10 Seleção that Mononobe knows have come to work for him. The three go into the control room, and Akira finds another person, probably another Seleção. Mononobe tells Akira that he has two Seleção working for him who plan to help Mononobe help become the next Mr. Outside. He also says that Yuki fired the missiles because he was forced to work to give money to his sick parents, and that was entirely due to the Japanese Government:they should help citizens in their time of need. Akira learns that Juiz is not a person; she is an artificial intelligence. Akira learns that the missiles fired on Careless Monday was a preemptive attack: another attack would be 60 missiles at 8:00 am the next day. Akira strongly starts to dislike these Seleção and asks the other Seleção in the room (secretly #2) why he follow Mononobe. He replies by saying that he had made no requests to Juiz and had not spent any money. He just wants to get "out of this stupid game". Akira escapes the ATO institute by sneaking onto one of the freight trains leaving the facility for Tokyo. This is the end well done. Noblesse Oblige.

Saving JapanEdit

Akira gets back to his shopping mall by getting on the railway trains after his talk with Seleção #'s 1, 2 and 10. When arriving, he learns that the 20,000 NEETs had gathered up in the shopping mall, and they had come back in shipping containers from Dubai. On the roof, he kills the lighting throughout the mall and uses his phone to record a video of him, which reaches the 20,000 NEETs, Saki, Micchon, Sis and Osugi, saying that he has found another way to kill the 20,000 NEETs by using missiles. Akira just needs everyone to come to the roof:he disguised himself as another terrorist.

Akira then goes around the back part of the shopping mall and sees a crowded elevator with Saki, Micchon, and Sis. The elevator is not moving due to the fact that many of the NEETs are trying very hard to get themselves into it, hoping to get a chance a meet Akira on the roof quicker. Akira gets in the elevator, drags Osugi to safety, pushes all the NEETs out, and seals the doors. Akira meets Osugi for the first time, and prepares to go to the roof, before being stopped by Saki. Saki was worried about the video message and hopes that Akira disguised himself as a terrorist in order to save everyone from the missiles. Takizawa remarks that she was listening on the phone the whole time. Saki admits it but then offers Akira her hand, showing that she has faith in him and parelling the time when Akira offered her his hand to come with him. Akira and Saki both arrive at the roof, and Akira says that Saki was correct. He plans to save everyone from the missiles, and the only way for the 20,000 NEETs to listen to him is to be a fake perpetrator for the second missile attack. The 20,000 NEETs, Micchon, Sis, Hirasawa and Kasuga all arrive on the roof just minutes before the missiles strike. Atop a platform, Akira yells out to the 20,000 NEETs to go to the Eden of The East website on their phones and each post a way to stop the

Akira shooting down the missiles.

missiles. Akira then stands on a merry-go-round and makes a call to Juiz. He makes a request: for Juiz to compile all the posts from the 20,000 NEETs and search for the most common way to shoot down the missiles based on their posts. It turns out that the most common way to shoot down the missiles was to get fighter jets to counter the 60 missiles. He then makes his hand in the form of a gun and aims at each missile, shooting fighter jets to counter each of them. When the last missile was shot down, by Akira "fanning" his gun hand, large fragments of its casing fell on the roof, creating massive craters and destroying the Merrygoround, throwing Takizawa to the ground. Akira then sees Saki knocked
Eden of the east12

Akira erases his memories for the second time.

out, and picks her up while making a call to Juiz. Akira makes another request: to become King of Japan and to wipe his memory. When Saki wakes up, she finds Akira on the phone with Juiz. The Seleção ringtone sounds, and as Akira puts the phone in Saki's pocket, he loses his memory yet again.

The King of EdenEdit

The first film starts with Saki arriving in New York to look for Akira. She muses over the past six months, revealing that Akira disappeared after brainwashing himself again, leaving her only his Seleção phone and a message to meet him where their journey began.

As she searches for Akira, several of the Seleção are monitoring him as well. Number 6 is revealed to be a film enthusiast who is trying to orchestrate Akira's death and catch it on camera. Saki's friends at the Eden of the East project have found their software turned into a successful small business due to global recognition of the software's role in stopping the missile attacks. Images of Akira pointing at the missiles and instructing for them to be shot down have widely circulated across the globe, making him a folk hero dubbed the "Air King".

Saki visits Brooklyn overlooking the east river and where the Twin Towers used to be. She tries to re-create the scene from a picture Akira took on his cellphone in Japan when they were on a ferry and the background reminded them of the 9-11 site and encounters him there. She explains his past and role as a Seleção, and his quest to become King of Japan.

After Number 6 repeatedly attempts to assassinate Akira and Saki, the pair is rescued by Number 11. Shortly after, Number 1 discovers the location of a truck convoy carrying individual Juiz units for each Seleção member, and orders several of them to be destroyed via missile. Number 11 sacrifices her truck to save Akira's, cutting her link to Seleção. The film ends with Saki and Akira on No. 11's private jet back to Japan.

Paradise LostEdit

Paradise lost akira

Akira in Paradise Lost.

This film picks up from the end of the first film with Saki and Takizawa on the private jet back to Japan provided by No. 11. While on the flight, Takizawa has a nightmare during which his Seleção phone attacks him. He wakes up just as the air stewardess approaches him with an "Air King" shirt, just as ordered by No. 2 before Mononobe had his Juiz unit destroyed. Takizawa and Saki land in Tokyo only to be escorted off by the supporters of the late Iijima. Iijima's wife calls Takizawa a disgrace to Iijima and is determined to have their DNA tested as well as keeping Takizawa under her custody until a hearing for Takizawa's terrorism plots a few days later. Takizawa however, manages to escape with the help of one of the AKX20000, the newly renamed 20,000 NEETs who helped Takizawa save Japan twice over from the missile crisis of Careless Monday and subsequent attacks.

Due to the events of the previous film, Takizawa has been alerted of Mononobe's attempt to destroy the Juiz units of the other Seleção and remarks that he would not be able to do anything without the support of his Juiz unit. He gets into contact Hirasawa and the rest of Eden of the East to find out that they have in fact already been tracing the Juiz units after learning of Mononobe's intentions from the phone logs intercepted by Itazu. Takizawa leaves to intercept the trailer that carries his Juiz unit but not before telling Saki to help locate his mother, whom he suspects to be the woman with the umbrella he saw on Careless Monday.

Saki and Osugi use the Eden of the East system to search for the owner of the Mameshiba, the dog the woman left behind when she was presumably running away from Takizawa. They successfully locate her at a Thai restaurant and proceeds to question her if she was Takizawa's mother. Osugi discovers a photo of Iijima and the woman, who was pregnant, taken at the amusement park Saki and Takizawa were at in the previous film twenty years ago and suspects that Takizawa may really be the illegitimate child of Iijima. At this point, the secret police who were investigating Eden of the East under Mononobe's order find them. Aya and Saki subsequently leave via a backdoor through the restaurant while Osugi stayed back to delay the police so that Saki could get a confirmation from Aya that Takizawa was indeed Iijima's illegitimate child. Saki never really found out the truth, however, just that Aya knew that Takizawa was abandoned with 500 yen and is convinced that she is indeed Takizawa's mother. Saki contemplates calling Takizawa with the information but cries when she realizes that she would probably never meet Takizawa again once he knew that her job was done. Osugi tells her then to go meet up with Takizawa and personally tell him.

Takizawa and the rest of the East of Eden team meanwhile successfully intercepts the trailers carrying the Juiz units while the drivers were on break and the trailers containing Juiz units for Seleção No. 1 and No. 9, Mononobe and Takizawa were seized. This would ensure that Mononobe does not attempt to fire a missile to destroy Takizawa's Juiz unit and risk destroying his unit as well. The four granddaughters of Mr. Outside looks on and wonders if they should intervene this act which has gone against the game rules and inform Mr. Outside. However, one of them warns that it is against the rules to inform Mr. Outside as he himself is also a participant of this game. Hirasawa leaves after helping the group commandeer the trailers to attempt to locate Mr. Outside or Ato Saizo from a clue that Itazu received from an order by No. 3 who had ordered snacks for him.

Takizawa and the gang drove the two trailers to the Iijima household and apologizes for giving them the slip earlier. Iijima's wife questions Takizawa about his motives for claiming to be Iijima's son. Just then, Mononobe shows up and requests for a private conversation with Takizawa. Mrs. Iijima who is not a participant in the game and is unaware of anything is both confused and frustrated but lets them use Iijima's study room anyway. Once inside, Mononobe remark's that he has indeed lost the game and that Takizawa is the winner. Mononobe admits that he did not really have a use for the Seleção phones as all he really needed to accomplish his dreams were just position and his negotiation skills both of which he has. His plans for stopping Takizawa were also not very effective as Takizawa has managed to defeat him at every turn, even taking his Juiz unit. He offers Takizawa a deal in which Takizawa gets the remainder of his net money in cash and the investigation for Eden of the East called off in exchange for Takizawa to permanently leave the country. As Takizawa is considering the deal, Saki arrives and calls Takizawa with his phone. Saki tells Takizawa the whole story as Takizawa looks at her for the balcony of the study. After the call, Takizawa returns to Mononobe who remarks that Takizawa must have finally learned of his birth. Takizawa is surprised that Mononobe knew all along and rejects his deal. Takizawa decides instead, to do one final act with all the remaining funds on his phone which were set aside for his ascension to the throne.

Meanwhile, Hirasawa finally finds Ato Saizo who appears to be an old man driving a privately owned taxi. Hirasawa has a conversation with Ato Saizo and asks him the purpose of the game, why they are playing it and how the Seleção were chosen. Hirasawa discovers that all of the Seleção at one point, had been passengers on Ato Saizo's cab and all of them were asked how they would spend 10 billion yen if it was given to them. All of the Seleção were chosen this way except for Takizawa, who was chosen because Ato Saizo was curious about a conversation he had with Takizawa when the had met.

Takizawa asks Juiz to make a simultaneous call to all the mobile phones in Japan. On the phone, he tells Japan his last act of terrorism, the request for the old working generation to cooperate with the younger generations to make Japan a better place or suffer the ultimate loss, the loss of Japan's young working population not unlike the disappearance of the 20,000 NEETs he was associated with the last time. To prove his power, he uses Juiz to send a single yen in digital credit to every phone connected to this call and calls for all the NEETs to gather at Eden of the East.

Upon witnessing this call, Ato Saizo reaches for his Seleção phone, No. 12, and dials one final call to all the remaining Seleçãos excluding Yuki who broke his phone. He tells the Seleção in response to Takizawa's call that they have all done well and that Japan has become a better place with the help of the actions. He declares them all winners and wishes for them to continuing to be saviors for Japan before wiping their memories with the program his company developed. He then explains to Hirasawa that this is the only way that the Seleção can be truly removed from the game. Hirasawa is angry that Ato Saizo looks like he was just toying with the lives of the Seleção like this and attacks Ato Saizo who easily overpowers him despite his age. Hirasawa is then thrown out of the taxi and Ato Saizo speeds off.

Back at the mansion, Mononobe leaves by his car and encounters Yuki at the gate. Yuki whose memories were not erased and was on his way to kill Takizawa. However, Mononobe no longer remembers Yuki and is shocked by his actions, especially how Yuki tries to pull a gun to shoot him and thus runs him over. Takizawa leaves the house and finds the Eden of the East team minus Hirasawa waiting for him outside. He wonders why the memory wipe did not work on him because he already used it on himself twice. He tells the team that there is still something he must do and leaves. Saki, however, runs and catches him and asks him to promise to return to them after he has finished whatever that he wants to do before kissing Takizawa. Saki's narration, however, tells us that was the last of Takizawa that the team, minus Hirasawa, ever saw Takizawa. But Saki is still confident that he will return eventually and after that the credit rolls.

After the credits, Takizawa finally catches up with Mr. Outside while catching a cab in Tokyo. Mr. Outside asks Takizawa what would he do with ten billion yen to change the country. Takizawa, however, is angry at the fact that Mr. Outside appears to have gone all senile and slaps his face with a green slipper. Mr. Outside finally drops the act and the two drive off to the night with Takizawa discussing their future plans.

Movie ReferencesEdit

Akira loves movies and seems to retain his memories that are relating to them. Throughout the series, there are many movie references:

Scarface - In Akira's room in the mall, there is a statue of a globe that says "The World is Yours". Exactly the same one Tony Montana had in his home in Scarface.

Taxi Driver - When arriving at his apartment in Washington D.C., he notices a large number of weapons in his wardrobe. It reminds him of Taxi Driver when he makes the same pose that Travis Bickle made with the gun.

The Jason Bourne Trilogy - After noting a large number of passports, he notes that he is "more of a Jason Bourne than a Travis Bickle".

Kate and Leopold - While on the ferry with Saki looking at pictures of her trip to New York, they come across a picture of Saki, Micchon, Sis, and Osugi on the Brooklyn Bridge. Akira comments that "It's like that one Meg Ryan movie." He explains that there is supposed to be a time portal below the bridge.

Dawn of the Dead - When arriving at the shopping mall with Saki, Akira says that the mall is like the movie Dawn of the Dead due to the fact that they are the only living things in it.

The Big Blue - Though not directly referenced by Akira himself, he plays the movie "The Cold Blue" (which is a parody name of the 1988 English language French film The Big Blue) for Saki in the movie theater of the mall after she remarks that it is the movie she'd most like to see.

Quadrophenia - When Akira is heading to Seleção number six's hospital, he stops dramatically short at the end of a destroyed highway. This bizarre action reminds one of the repair surveyor men of the film, but he is not able to recall the name until Akira reminds him. Akira also remarks to the man that he is not as insane as the main character of the film.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - When shooting down the final missile, Akira imitates the "fanning" motion the Sundance Kid used to fire his revolver. However, it doesn't stop him being blown off the top of his mall's merry-go-round. He then remarks, "Who am I, the Sundance Kid? Idiot."

Dumbo - This movie is referred to by Akira in the King of Eden movie. He claims that Dumbo was the first and only movie that he saw together with his mother.

The Man Who Stole the Sun - In the King of Eden movie, after Saki tells Akira who he really is, he notes his life is like the movie The Man Who Stole the Sun.

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